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Do we clean both interior and exterior windows?

A: We offer interior and exterior window cleaning on commercial properties and exterior window cleaning to residential properties.

What type of siding do we clean?

A: Vinyl, hardi-plank, painted wood, and metal siding.

What method do we use for washing siding?

A: We hand wash all siding with soft bristle brushes and low pressure rinsing.

When it rains will it wash away my lawn paint?

A: No, once the paint is allowed a minimum of 1 hour to dry, it will withstand rain.

Can I still water my lawn after it is painted?

A: Yes, watering your lawn is perfectly safe and will not wash the paint away.

Is the paint harmful to humans or pets?

A: No. We use a non-toxic application that is perfectly safe for pets and children to play on.

How long does the lawn paint last?

A: The paint typically lasts up to 12 weeks, depending on the amount of foot traffic and mowing schedule.

What hours does our snow removal team run?

A: Our snow removal team runs 24 hours a day during snow fall.

Do we bring in other contractors when needed?

A: Yes depending on our clients needs we will bring in and oversee other contractors if our clients require other services we don’t offer. we have a wide team of very reputable contractors that we use.

Have another question?

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